Burrow’s & Mr. Frank’s Optical has offered the most extensive selection of designer eyeglasses in The Natural State since 1979, and we proudly carry hard-to-find luxury brands you can’t find anywhere else! We don’t offer eye exams or sell contact lenses, and we exclusively focus on matching each customer with the right pair of eyewear. Fusion Eyewear takes great pride in staying fresh and in front of the trends in a relentless pursuit of the finest products, and you never need an appointment to try on as many pairs as you like!

When Fusion Eyewear was created in 2003, it was literally a dream come true for company founders Alan & Leslie Weisfeld. Their passion for creating edgy, high-quality eyewear is on display with each new product line, and their commitment to unparalleled customer service has placed them at the forefront of the boutique eyewear industry. They work closely with their designers to constantly introduce innovative products and new frame technology, and our licensed opticians will ensure they’re correctly sized and fitted. Here’s a quick look at some of Fusion’s most popular product lines:

The name KameManNen came from a Japanese proverb, “A crane lives a thousand years, a turtle ten thousand years,” and Fusion’s designers aspire to continue the concept of KameManNen to pursue not only the beauty of the design itself but also precise production of titanium eyewear of the highest quality. KameManNen eyewear features classic designs boldly re-imagined in your choice of round, polygon, and aviator styles.

The Onirico collection is inspired by the culture of Italian artisanal products. Each design pays homage to “Italian taste and style,” fueled by the conviviality, beauty, history, and passion that makes Italy unique!

The highly eclectic Lara D’ collection is an excellent way to add a “pop of color” to your everyday wardrobe! The collection offers an extensive selection of acetate and lightweight titanium frames, all in bold, eye-catching colors and patterns!

Call 501-664-9350 or contact us online if you have any questions, and visit our store in the Heights during business hours so we can help you find the perfect pair of Fusion fashion eyewear!